The schemes for monitoring of birds in Bulgaria were discussed with stakeholders


A work meeting was held on 5 November 2019 at which the expert team of Consortium “Dicon-Particip” presented the schemes for monitoring of birds in Bulgaria. The schemes were developed within the framework of the project: “Analyzes and studies of species and natural habitats, subject to reporting under Art. 17 of the Habitats Directive and Art. 12 of the Birds Directive”, with beneficiary the Executive Environment Agency, funded under the Operational program “Environment 2014 – 2020”.

The five schemes cover all bird species subject to reporting under Art. 12 of the Birds Directive, in the respective seasons:

  • Scheme 1: Monitoring of Wintering Bird Species in Bulgaria;
  • Scheme 2: Common Bird Monitoring;
  • Scheme 3: Monitoring of Birds in SPAs (Natura 2000) in Bulgaria;
  • Scheme 4: Monitoring of Migratory Bird Species;
  • Scheme 5: Monitoring of Bird Species through Standardized Ringing.

Representatives of the Executive Environment Agency (ExEA), the scientific and nature conservation communities, hunting and land owners associations and individual experts took part in the discussions.

Upon their approval by ExEA the scheme will be included in the National Concept for Bird Monitoring in Bulgaria. They will be field-tested in 2020 to determine their effectiveness and efficiency.

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