Working with us

Dicon Group is currently executing several projects involving over 400 senior, junior, international, and local experts. These experts typically operate as self-employed consultants throughout the duration of specific projects.

We actively pursue new project opportunities by responding to public procurement and tender open notices issued by esteemed entities such as the European Commission, the World Bank, and others. Additionally, we conduct recruitment drives for non-key experts required during project implementation stages. These opportunities are regularly posted on our website and constitute a significant portion of our job announcements.

What we offer?

At Dicon Group, we provide competitive compensation packages and uphold strict compliance with our contractual commitments, ensuring transparency and fairness in all our dealings. Our comprehensive benefits include full travel insurance and round-the-clock assistance for our consultants on any work-related matters during project implementation. We also manage logistics seamlessly to facilitate smooth operations.

We prioritize flexibility to accommodate individual needs, recognizing that each consultant may have unique requirements. We actively encourage our experts to broaden their professional and personal horizons by continuously enhancing the quality of their work and expanding the scope of activities in which they can participate. This commitment to ongoing improvement fosters a dynamic and enriching environment for professional growth.

What we look for?

Our company is providing consultancy on various projects for governmental and private organisations. We're seeking experts with innovative thinking, teamwork skills, high ethics, a drive for quality, strong communication, and adaptability to multicultural settings for consultancy projects with government and private organizations.

Recruitment process

At Dicon Group, there are three stages in our employment selection process:

  1. Preliminary Announcement Stage: We initiate the process of preliminary selection and recruitment of experts when a project is announced, even before the formal procedure begins.
  2. Call for Proposals Stage: We identify experts for both the technical aspects of tender documentation preparation and their potential inclusion in project teams.
  3. Project Implementation Stage: Key experts are mobilized for project activities, and we identify non-key experts based on client requirements for various short-term and long-term tasks during project execution. Please review the published invitations for expert selection instructions to determine if your qualifications and experience align with our needs.

How to apply?

If any of the published announcements is of interest to you, please follow the instructions carefully. Prepare the necessary documentation in the required format and valume and send them as required. In case you have any general questions about working with Dicon Group, please contact us on e-mail:

We are looking forward to your application!


Expert Charter

The expert charter is the basis for sound and stable professional relations with our experts founded on mutual respect and trust.

Concerning the experts:

Technical aspect:

  • Strong project management, organizational, and technical support at any time
  • Professional support and marketing of experts’ consultancy skills with an emphasis on their individual requirements

Financial Aspect:

  • Timely payment according to negotiated terms and conditions for participation in the project, outlined in legally binding and fair contracts
  • Additional engagements, expanding the scope, and opportunities for providing additional technical services

Social Aspect:

  • Flexibility, respect, and care for the needs of every individual expert
  • Recognition and reward of exceptional efforts which have contributed to the success of Dicon Group

What is required from the experts:

Corporate Aspect:

  • Defend the corporate positions and reputation of Dicon Group with high professionalism and quality of work
  • Awareness of the sustainable relationship between the company and the clients and how essential it is


  • Compliance with the requirements during project implementation. Adherence to the set deadlines and ensuring high quality of the products from the consulting service
  • Demonstrate commitment to project management, including respect for reporting requirements, results, and project processes
  • Open and regular feedback on all aspects of the project implementation

Personal Aspect:

  • Carry out all activities with tact and diplomacy, respecting confidentiality when dealing with clients and third parties
  • Honest, sincere, and open communication: we strive to continuously improve our work and therefore welcome the truth in all situations
  • High level of professionalism supported by personal investments and efforts. Knowledge of all the latest trends in the relevant area of expertise.
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