Private sector

In a constantly changing environment, the private sector faces numerous challenges that can affect its sustainability, growth, and competitiveness. The rapid development of technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet necessitates constant adaptation of business models and processes. Additionally, changes in the regulatory environment, including new laws and regulations regarding data protection and the environment, can significantly impact business operations and strategies. The increasing awareness of environmental conservation and corporate social responsibility compels the private sector to integrate sustainable development principles and align with society’s expectations for responsible behavior.

To address the specific needs of our clients, we form multidisciplinary teams of experts, including international specialists, to cover all aspects of change and identify the most effective solutions. We support companies in introducing new strategies and practices, achieving measurable sustainability results, and enhancing management efficiency and effectiveness.


Our consulting services in the environmental sector support companies in complying with ecological legislation in Europe and Bulgaria, reducing their environmental impact, and building sustainable and responsible business models. Some of our services in this field include:

  • Assessment of Ecological Risks and Opportunities: We analyze and assess ecological risks and opportunities to help companies comply with regulations, reduce negative environmental impacts, and identify opportunities for innovation, growth, and sustainable development. Our expert teams evaluate ecological risks related to company activities and identify opportunities for improving ecological efficiency, analyzing the impact on air, water, soil, and biodiversity.
  • Compliance with Environmental Legislation: We provide guidance on compliance with environmental laws and regulations, enhancing companies' reputations, risk management, and competitiveness. Our extensive expertise ensures a proper understanding and application of environmental legislation, including permitting regimes, waste management, water and biodiversity protection, and other applicable rules and regulations.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of Investment Projects: EIA is crucial for sustainable development and nature conservation, providing information and tools for responsible decision-making. We form teams of Bulgarian and international experts to offer high-level consulting on legislative requirements for EIA, including identifying and analyzing applicable legislation, collecting and analyzing data, assessing the impact on all environmental components, and planning measures to mitigate these impacts. We ensure comprehensive communication with stakeholders, incorporating their proposals and comments.
  • Trends Monitoring and Assessment: Monitoring the environmental impact of completed investment projects is vital for regulatory compliance, risk management, reputation protection, and achieving long-term success. Our expert teams prepare reliable, scientifically substantiated reports with trend analyses and improvement proposals.
  • Trainings and Capacity Building: Training and capacity building for company employees in the environmental field are essential for achieving ecological sustainability, improving reputation, and enhancing competitiveness. We develop and conduct in-company training tailored to specific company needs, focusing on achieving targeted results.


Every company has unique needs and specific goals at different stages of its development. As consultants, we offer customized solutions to maximize their achievement. Some of our services in this area include:

  • Strategic Planning and Management: We help companies define long-term goals and strategies for success, develop strategic plans for growth and development, identify key priorities, and support change management processes.
  • Marketing and Sales: Our services encompass developing marketing strategies to gain a competitive advantage, attract new customers, introduce new products and services, and manage sales and trade teams.
  • Project and Program Management: We assist companies in achieving strategic objectives, optimizing resources, managing risks, improving quality, and increasing customer satisfaction through expert management of resources, budgeting, timeline planning, and risk control.
  • Operations and Process Optimization: Using management best practices, we analyze current operations and processes, and propose improvements aligned with the company's operational and strategic objectives.
  • Innovation and Technological Development: We help companies identify and implement new technologies and innovations to enhance competitiveness. This may include market and competitor analysis, technological trend analysis, product or service analysis, staff training, and changes in work processes.
  • Training and Capacity Development: We develop and adapt training topics to be accessible and easily understood by participants, implementing training programs on specific topics to achieve desired results. Our teams of organizers and experts ensure motivation and responsibility in achieving client objectives.
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