Project portfolio

Dicon Group has many years of experience in coordinating and managing the full range of consulting services in the field of project management and business development in the following areas: biodiversity and Natura 2000, implementation of the Water Framework Directive, environment assessments and analyses and capacity building.
We build teams of experts for each individual project, providing the necessary competencies and experience. We perceive our clients as partners and follow steadfastly high standards of work in the respective field. We rely on wide international expertise to ensure the implementation of the best European practices. All this allows us to inplement complex and large-scale projects, the results of which are highly appreciated by our clients.

Among the projects, implemented by the company are:

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of investment proposal for construction of a new nuclear unit of the latest generation at Kozloduy NPP site “Kozloduy NPP – New Builds” PLC assigned to Dicon Group to carry out an environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the investment proposal for the construction of a new nuclear power plant at the Kozloduy NPP site, taking into account the cumulative effect of the joint operation of all facilities located to it. The scope of the EIA report also includes an assessment of the possible transboundary impact, as well as an assessment of the degree of impact of the investment proposal on the subject and objectives of the Natura 2000 site located in the neighbourhood. Period of implementation 2012-2015
Organizing and conducting a training visit in a European Union Member-State and four training courses in Bulgaria The effective implementation of the responsibilities and powers in the field of fire safety and civil protection in the event of disasters, fires and emergency situations on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria places as the main priority the continuous development and upgrading of the skills, abilities and capacities of the engaged employees and experts at all levels. The General Directorate "Fire Safety and Civil Protection" (GD FSCP) at the Ministry of Interior commissioned Dicon Group to organize and conduct a series of trainings aimed at increasing the capacity of executive authorities and fire safety and civil protection authorities, in order to optimize their joint actions for more effective coordination, management and implementation of operational activities in the event of disaster and emergency situations. Period of implementation 2014-2014
Elaboration of the National Prioritized Action Framework on NATURA 2000 for 2014-2020 The Priority Action Frameworks (PAFs) are strategic multi-annual planning tools which aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the measures needed to build the EU-wide Natura 2000 network and associated green infrastructure, specifying the funding needs for these measures and link to the corresponding EU funding programs. The Ministry of Environment and Water assigned to Dicon Group EOOD to develop a National Prioritized Action Framework (NPAF) for Bulgaria for the period 2014-2020. Period of implementation 2013-2014
Mapping and determining the nature conservation status of natural habitats and species The management of Natura 2000 network is based on quality scientific data and information. The Ministry of Environment and Water entrusted Dicon Group with the mapping and determination of the nature conservation status of natural habitats and species throughout the territory of the ecological network. This was accomplished within six contracts, separately for invertebrates, fish, amphibians and reptiles, mammals, vascular plants, mosses and natural habitats. Period of implementation 2011-2013
Elaboration of National Information and Communication Strategy for “NATURA 2000” network Part of Bulgaria's commitments to the EU is the achievement of broad public support and a high degree of public awareness of all participants in the processes related to the development, validation and functioning of the "Natura 2000" network in Bulgaria. This brings to the fore the need for a unified communication policy to unify, structure and channel the available information. The Ministry of Environment and Water commissioned the Dicon Group to develop the National Information and Communication Strategy for Natura 2000 (NICS). Period of implementation 2012-2013
Organizing and conducting trainings for regional and local authorities For the better utilization of the funds from the Structural and Cohesion Funds (SCF), it is necessary to strengthen the capacity of the regional and local authorities. The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria commissioned Dicon Group to organize and conduct training for representatives of regional and local authorities throughout the country in the field of: Legal matters; Financial matters; Publicity and information; Project management; Implementation of Objective 3 of the EU Cohesion Policy – European Territorial Cooperation, including European Unions for Territorial Cooperation; Public-private partnership. Period of implementation 2010-2012
Technical assistance in support of the future cross-border cooperation (CBC) programme between Bulgaria and Greece The purpose of the Technical Assistance (TA) is to strengthen the cross-border cooperation between Bulgaria and Greece, by supporting the program process and increasing the capacity to absorb the funds from the Structural Funds. The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works commissioned Dicon Group to develop the project ideas of potential beneficiaries under the cross-border cooperation program between Bulgaria and Greece, to ready-to-launch projects. Period of implementation 2008-2009
Тechnical assistance for establishment of the cross-border eco-networks between Bulgaria and Greece Technical assistance is aimed at supporting the wise use of natural resources in transboundary areas and ensuring their sustainable development, by promoting the interaction between existing environmental policies, land use planning and rural and urban development. The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, through the European Commission in Bulgaria, commissioned the Dicon Group to determine four eco-networks in the Bulgaria-Greece cross-border area and develop a program for sustainable development of this territory. Period of implementation 2006-2007
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